Privacy Policy


At Keen Public we think your privacy is important. We are very careful with your (contact) data. You can read about how we do that in this privacy statement.


We at Keen Public consider your privacy important. You can count on us to keep your contact details safe and secure. This privacy statement explains how we do that. It concerns data related to our website and newsletters.

Our website includes links to third party pages. This privacy statement does not apply to those other sites.

We collect data about you at various times. This takes place in these situations:

  • When you visit one of our websites
  • When you subscribe to one of our newsletters
  • When you use the contact form on one of our websites
  • When you register to take part in an event organised by us
  • When you enter your details in any other form on the websites


Visiting websites

When you visit the websites the IP address and, where relevant, the company name will be recorded. We do this because we would like to know who is interested in our services and in this way hope to further improve our website. For this we use an online analysis tool provided by a third party.




When you register for one or more of our newsletters your name and e-mail address are recorded to enable us to send the newsletters. We keep your name until you unsubscribe. We use a campaign tool from an online service provider to process our newsletters. This tool stores the relevant data.



Contact forms and other forms

When you contact us using the contact form or enter your details in one of the other forms on our websites, this information is sent to us by e-mail. This data is also stored in an online system with an external provider to help us optimise our services.


Event participants

When you register for an event we keep your data to be able to communicate with you about that event.


Personal data security

We do our utmost to prevent unauthorised access to this data and have sound security measures in place to ensure that the processed data is properly protected. For example, access to your data is restricted only to those for whom it is necessary to have such access.


Cookies and trackers

This website uses cookies (text files which are placed on your computer) to operate the website and analyse website traffic to help us improve our services and for marketing purposes.

We use Hotjar in order to better understand our users’ needs and to optimize this service and experience. Hotjar uses cookies and other technologies to collect data on our users’ behavior and their devices. Hotjar stores this information on our behalf in a pseudonymized user profile. Hotjar is contractually forbidden to sell any of the data collected on our behalf.


Your rights

Stored data about you belongs to you. You may therefore request to see this data, or ask us to delete, amend, supplement or move it. You can contact us to do that. This can be done by sending a message to your contact person, using the contact form on the website, by sending an e-mail to or by calling: +31 30 214 80 24.


* Our website contains links to third-party pages. This privacy statement does not apply to those other sites.