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Your request-for-proposal process is over. After a long selection procedure, you have found an IT supplier for your digital service. And then the supplier's analysis phase often follows. That's when the 'How' comes into play. How is the service or product designed and made a reality? How did you arrive at this concept?

Awkward for the IT supplier. Awkward for you and your organisation. And possibly unpleasant for the citizen you are trying to support as best you can. That's why we prefer to switch things around. Our experience shows that it is better to think about the possibilities and challenges at an earlier stage.

We help you to clarify precisely what you want before the RFP phase, and to make clear what you expect from potential suppliers. This also enables them to think about a solution in a much more focused way, and results in a better end product.

It requires a different way of working and thinking. But we don't have to invent the wheel ourselves. There is even a process developed for this within the agile working method: the Discovery phase. We provide customised guidance during this process, step by step, so that you get the most out of your tender.

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Our approach

We have a lot of experience with this type of process. We often approach it as follows. Please note that all of these steps must be taken anyway. We only move them forward.

Customer Journey-1
Customer Journey Mapping

Om goede digitale producten te kunnen ontwerpen, is het belangrijk om de wensen van gebruikers in kaart te brengen.

UX Concept-2
UX Concept

De eisen en wensen van jou en je team, plus de input van gebruikers, resulteren in een user expericence concept met heldere oplossingsrichting. Dit concept wordt getest bij gebruikers.

UX Architecture-1
UX Architectuur

Op basis van dit concept ontwikkelen we samen een informatiearchitectuur met sitemap en het ontwerp van een navigatiestructuur.

Technical Architecture
Technische architectuur

Inzicht in de technische architectuur helpt IT-leveranciers om in te schatten welk werk nog gedaan moet worden.

Requirements Review
Requirements Review

De UX architect en de IT-architect scherpen de eerder opgestelde eisen en wensen samen aan op basis van de inzichtelijk geworden oplossingsrichting.

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More and more tasks are falling to local governments. We would like to help you set up or improve your (digital) services. Together we will make sure that your municipality, province or water board is inclusive and accessible.


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