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UX design can help your organisation better serve citizens. Are you looking to use it for the first time, or to expand your existing UX team? We'd love to help you get started. We have been working with the government for many years and know the branch inside out. In collaboration with you, we will lift your organisation's new and enthusiastic talent to a higher level.

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Develop and retain your designers

Skilled UX designers are worth their weight in gold. To motivate and retain your employees, they need to be able to continue developing. That's why we offer customised training and coaching. For UX designers, by UX designers. By combining the skills of our design teams with experienced trainers, we transfer our knowledge in the best possible way. This is how we help your UX designers develop their skills.

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Talent development

Customised training programs for entire (UX) teams, individual UX designers or other employees of your organisation. Fully tailored to their development and your business needs. Right on the shop floor and at your convenience.

UX Academy

UX Academy

Training programs designed specifically for UX professionals and UX leads. Expert trainers and designers share their theoretical and practical knowledge in the form of master classes with a small group of participants from various organisations. An individual coaching program situates the knowledge and skills that are learned within the context of your organisation.



We coach individual designers in their workplace, regardless of whether they want to grow in their current role or develop to a new level. In addition, we also coach teams to better embed Design Thinking and design processes so that we can support the organisation as it develops its UX design maturity.

You're so great at connecting the business strategy to that one button on that one screen.”

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