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A systematic approach to UX maturity

By scrutinising the maturity of your UX design, you'll discover very precisely how you can continue to grow. Keen Public uses industry benchmarks and our own experience to determine the maturity of UX design within your organization and to help you move forward. Step by logical step.

We start with research. With questionnaires and stakeholder interviews, we map out how the design process is structured and integrated within your teams and organisation. After a thorough analysis of the results, we not only know the maturity level, but also the opportunities for improvement.

We package these improvement opportunities into very precise recommendations. For example, how to improve the strategic visibility of design and how to coach specific employees to achieve that result. Together we work on tailor-made actions to take your team or organisation to the next level.

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The transition from analogue to digital is a challenging process. Our designers work with the teams in your organisation to replace, add and improve digital services. Together, we make them more efficient and take the user experience to the next level.

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To make a service easily available to all of society, digital accessibility alone is not enough. Our experts help you to actually reach all citizens, without having to plan extra time for it.

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Design organisation

Design Thinking can greatly improve your services. But it does not happen automatically, as you need to know how and when to apply it. We help you grow your design organization, from project to policy level.

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