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At Keen Public, we want to make a difference. For governments, but especially for society. And we are always looking for new talent. Would you like to work in a team full of skilled and experienced UX designers to create a more accessible digital government? Then get in touch with us.

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What we do


We provide insights, advice and support to help the public sector improve their digital products and services.

Digital design

We help our clients take their digital services to the next level, supported by UX Design, UI design and visual design.

User surveys

We make sure that we are offering our clients better services by involving real users in the process. Before, during and after a service goes live.

The employees at Keen

'For me, working at Keen is about working with enthusiastic colleagues who are passionate about their field and are extremely "keen" on delivering values. We work with a large team on projects for multiple companies, while at the same time, there is a sense of belonging.'

Allan, UX Designer

'In my role, I feel like the spider in the web, the assignments on the one hand and the professionals on the other. It's up to me to connect the two and ensure that everyone involved is satisfied. I can do that within Keen, a warm club of people who put content and quality first.'

Julie, Sales

'The informal atmosphere at Keen made me feel at home very quickly. The knowledge and experience of all the designers working together makes for many interesting conversations and instructive collaborations. It's nice that all of us can come up with the best possible result for the customer.'

Marcella, UX Designer

'I am looking for new employees for Keen Design every day. Professionals who fit our culture, people with passion for their profession and who want to be really good at it. People who are also involved in Keen and socialise with their colleagues at the monthly drinks party.'

Angelique, COO

Why you want to work at Keen Public

Working with experts

You’re given the space to create a truly good experience in a team of subject experts.

Careers-A holistic experience
A holistic experience

The opportunity to work with highly experienced teams in UX, UI and visual design.

Careers coaching 2

Personal and professional growth with the support of a coach.

Careers keen day Copy 2-1
Keen Day

A Keen collaborative day every quarter with interesting in-house workshops.

Inspiring meetings

Monthly internal and external social gatherings with co-workers

A great team

Work with UX professionals from all over the world in a company culture that's informal and fun.

Our application

Finding the fit

When we invite you to meet us, it’s because we want to get to know you. Who are you? Where does your passion lie? What are you looking to learn? Of course, your technical and creative skills are important. But what we’re really interested in here is whether you’ll fit with the team. And whether we’ll fit with you. That’s top of the agenda at Keen Public. 



What’s your approach?

If there’s a click, we might ask you back for a second interview. What we want to know now is the type of designer you are. Together we look in-depth at some of your designs. We’re interested to hear what approach you took, what challenges you faced, what you’re proud of and what you’d do differently.


Talent Analysis

If both parties are still interested in moving forward after the second interview, we ask you to complete an online questionnaire. At Keen Financials we actively work with the TMA (Talent Motivation Analysis) system. Which is why we ask you to take time to complete the TMA questionnaire before the third interview.


Shall we say Yes?

The third and final interview is all about the TMA. Together we go through the analysis of your responses. Where do your talents lie? What energises you? What makes you happy? And, of course, does all that match the work you will be doing at Keen Public? If ‘yes’ is the answer to these questions, it’s time to talk terms of employment for you to become our new colleague. 

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