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You want citizens to make optimal use of your products and services. And we want to help you do that. Thanks to our years of experience in the public sector, our UX experts are familiar with the challenges that governments face, as well as citizen wishes and expectations. And working with you, we can increase the usability and maturity of your (digital) organisation. 

We always go for a beautiful, attractive-looking product. As long as that beauty is not at the expense of practicality, as a practical solution for all the different types of Dutch people is our only real goal. Whether it's a one-off Redesign, a UX maturity review or coaching your teams, we work with you to create digital solutions that are feasible, measurable and manageable. That meet the current needs of users and help you take your services, your organization and your people to the next level.

And maybe we can achieve a bit more together. After all, at Keen Public we have a dream: one digital government. One-stop shops where citizens can quickly and easily arrange all their affairs with the government. A big, perhaps impossible challenge. But the closer we get, the more user-friendly the government becomes. We have enough governments as customers to know that there are opportunities, and we know how we can seize them. Working with other governments, we have even already taken the first steps. Will you join us?

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Level Up your service

With good digital services, every citizen gets what he or she is entitled to. We help you do that. We refine or redesign existing products or add new functionalities. In this way, we together ensure that everyone can find their way within your organisation's digital world.


Level Up your organisation

The transition from analogue to digital government is a journey that never stops. To continue serving citizens in a customised way, we must keep up with changing expectations and technological developments. When your organisation launches or accelerates a digital transformation, we are ​​by your side. We help you to carefully land digitisation and innovation within your organization.


Level Up your people

Good online service starts with your own employees. It is not easy to find and retain good designers. The pond in which we fish is small. Training and development are therefore essential for bringing in talent as well as motivating and keeping it on board. We are happy to share our expertise and experience with your UX teams and individual professionals. Training and coaching for UX designers by UX designers.

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Real solutions to real problems

At Keen Public, two passions come together. We combine our love for making digital products with a desire to make a social contribution. Together with you, we can develop services that resonate with citizens and fit your organisation. We succeed in this by seeing and understanding nuance, finding the questions behind your request and thinking several steps forward and back. Our approach is smart, systematic, accurate and personal, simplifying complexity, but never obscuring it. We provide real solutions to real problems.


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How to take the new Environment and Planning Act into consideration in your future work projects. What exactly does this law contain, what is it for, and can or should you and your organisation do anything in response to it?


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