Student Banking App


A fresh budget app to give young people more control over their money. Easy to implement in your existing banking app to create more value for young people to bank with you and help them become financially healthy.

On the radar

New Concepts – Offers

When you want to explore a new concept with us, you’ll get more than just ideas. We help you put theory into practice. Putting our experience to work to test and apply new concepts to your real-life banking environment. Depending on your organisation's needs and digital maturity, we offer three options: exploring the proof of concept, buying the concept only, or concept and implementation combined.


The experience is the product

Proof of concept

When you want a short sharp check if the new concept fits your environment, including concept tests with your users.

Buy concept

When you want to buy the whole concept - including working prototype, research and concepting - and implement it in-house.


When you want to buy the concept and need help to implement it. We can support your teams or deploy our experts to run the project.

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