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Expert UX help to add new functionality to your product

Adding new functionality means enriching a product so that current and future users can get more out of it. Often it involves adding a new function to a flow that already exists in an organisation.

Take a B2B software package that supports operational teams in the business. At some point they may need a dashboard to communicate their overviews to the board. Then they ask us to design that new functionality to take the product to the next level.


From people through process to product

Service Design

Customer Journeys

UX Design

UX Architecture

Style Determination

UI Design

Screen Design

User Testing

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Do you want to update a successful product that runs on a legacy technology or interface? While your project team adapts the architecture and updates the code, we take a fresh look at Service Design, UX Design and UI Design.

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Do you want more detailed insights into specific target groups without extensive changes to your product? We help you get more value out of your product, with more than a cosmetic change and less than a redesign.

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