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Helping teams and individuals to grow

We can help you grow in your current position or develop to a new level - whether you’re a recent graduate in a junior design role or a design team lead tasked with motivating a group of designers. We also coach design teams to better embed design thinking and process in the team and in stakeholder relationships.

There’s a world of difference between being a passionate designer and being able to effectively play your role as a designer in the team and the company you work in.

Our coaches are well qualified to support you because they know these roles inside out. They’ve done that design work themselves. At banks and insurers, in-house or on contract.


Expert coaching to
hone your skills

Individual Coaching

A series of in-house coaching sessions every two or four weeks to help you reach your development goals.

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A series of half-day or full-day coaching sessions at intervals to suit your team and your needs.

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Hans Kemp

Keen Talent Lead


Laura Chavarria

Visual Design Lead


Jeroen Havinga

UX Lead

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Talent Development

Customised training programmes that are run in-house for entire UX teams or individual UX designers. Tailored to their development and your business needs. At the time that suits you best.

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UX Academy

Training programmes designed with in-house UX professionals and UX leads in mind. Our expert trainers and designers equip your UX staff with theory and practice to boost their skills and help them perform their roles more effectively.

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