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Expert training for UX Leads
and UX Professionals

Our UX Academy training programmes are targeted at UX designers and UX Leads working in companies. Participants from a range of sectors attend the classes at Keen Design. Working and learning with fellow professionals and trainers from a range of sectors they’re sure to get fresh perspectives and best practice.

The UX Professionals training programme is for UX designers working in a multi-disciplinary team. In 12 masterclasses we help design professionals develop their skills.

The UX Leads training programme is for designers already working as UX Leads. Or UX professionals with the ambition to become a UX Lead. It’s an intensive programme of 6 masterclasses tackling a range of issues.


Both programmes include on-the-job coaching to help participants apply new knowledge and skills in their real work environment. 

Our Programmes

Level up your skills

UX Leads

This 3-month programme (6 half-days) is a fast-track for your employees to tackle their role as UX lead with renewed confidence and clearly show their value for the organisation.

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3 months

UX Professionals

This 6-month programme (25 half-days) makes your employees more effective in demonstrating the value of UX design for the team and the organisation.

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6 months

Our experts

Hans Kemp

Keen Talent Lead


Laura Chavarria

Visual Design Lead


Jeroen Havinga

UX Lead

More Solutions


In-house coaching to help individual designers grow in their current positions or develop to a new level. We also coach design teams to better embed design thinking and process in the team and in stakeholder relationships.

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Talent Development

Customised training programmes that are run in-house for entire UX teams or individual UX designers. Tailored to their development and your business needs. At the time that suits you best.

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