Case study



Expert UX help for a scrum team to expand an existing product. Users can now access more detailed information easily in a more attractive format.


Our Client

a.s.r. is the Dutch insurance company for all types of insurance. Via the a.s.r., Ditzo, Europeesche Verzekeringen and Ardanta brands a.s.r. offers a wide range of financial products covering non-life, life and income protection insurance, group and individual pensions, health insurance, and travel and leisure, funeral insurance and mortgages. In addition, a.s.r. invests in developing and operating real estate.

ASR Nederland N.V. has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 10 June 2016. 


The Challenge

a.s.r. provides pension schemes for various SMEs, large businesses and pension funds. Clients can access data on the pensions product and participants through a Pensions Dashboard web application.

Originally the dashboard showed only simple data on a limited number of tiles. As more detailed data became available we supported an a.s.r. scrum team. The aim was to display more complex information in an attractive easy-to-use format for clients.


Our Solution

We designed new easy-to-read tiles in which the form of the graphic simplifies the complexity of the information. Only the most relevant information is displayed but the client can also access more complex underlying data.

The house style of the original dashboard is respected but we expanded the design style so that they provide relevant insights into more detailed data.

Keen did a great job creating a design that shows what our data are telling us. It's user-friendly and respects brand guidelines.”

Remco Homberg, Design Lead

Pensioen dashboard overview
Toggle use-1
Burgelijke staat
hover ASR-1

The pension dashboard on which ASR can show more complex information in an attractive easy-to-use format for clients.

The toggles can be used to show the development of different pension funds and also function as legend. This way a lot of information is presented on a small tile.

To the right the new version that has improved readability and clearly shows the most important data: how many employees have Anw insurance.

The return on shares can be viewed for different years and lifecycles. More details are presented when hovering over the graph. This way a lot of information is presented on a small tile.


Our approach

We worked closely with the pensions marketing department to establish the specific client requirements. After introductory talks we presented our design proposals and further refined them on the basis of feedback from a.s.r. pensions clients. We also worked with a visual designer, business analyst and front-end developer from a.s.r.

Making design choices that benefit the customer

As a designer you have may choices to make to visualise data for the customer. There are many kinds of graphics to display information. Which one you choose to use depends on the question that the data must answer. So we did thorough research into different forms and their functions. We trialed lots of variants to see what worked and asked people to test the variants and explain what the graphic is showing.

We looked at ways to represent only the most relevant information in the tile but also give users an option to get more detailed information. For instance by clicking an INFO button or moving the mouse over the graphic. The interplay between visual and text was another important element. Something as ‘simple’ as changing a caption along a vertical axis to an easy-to-read horizontal header above the graphic can make all the difference to user experience.


Tools we used in this project

UX concept white
UX Concept

Research in order to understand data to translate into information.

UI Design white-1
UI Design

Designing in detail the information-rich tiles to fit into the dashboard.

User testing white
User testing

Guerrilla user testing to check designs for quick feedback.