From business strategy to digital product


Our working process is a constant flow between product owner and user to create products that solve real problems for real users.

Our Approach

Where linear meets agile

As a rule businesses take a linear approach to translate strategy into digital products. Once the strategy is explicit, business analysts decide which services and products to offer. They then ask product owners to design and deliver them. Nothing new there.

Where Keen Health’s UX design slots into this linear process is at the points between business strategy and the functionality in code. To us it’s not so much a linear process, but a process played out on different levels, in an agile and iterative way.

On these different levels of Service (service design), Product (UX design) and Screens (UI design) we apply our building blocks, tools that are both tried and tested and constantly refreshed. Our working process is one of constant flow between product owner and user to create products that solve real problems for real users.


You're so great at connecting the business strategy to that one button on that one screen. ”

Our Process

Business (Strategy)

Business strategy is the starting point for every digital project. The more focused and clear cut your goals, the better your product will perform. Our clients in the software industry are usually adept at business strategy and we are experts in asking the right questions to clarify strategic objectives.


Service (Service Design)

For software products, often, the product is the service. But in a lot of cases the product is surrounded by service. And all the parts of that service need to be orchestrated to ensure the best solution that delivers on the business strategy. Let's put it this way: You won't select a complex, expert user product without proper training. Or use a product that relies on current information that doesn't supply updates.


Product (UX Design)

The most impactful designs are a result of the right solutions to a number of conceptual challenges on the product level. UX design brings the product's individual constituent parts together in a both logical and attractive way. As a result, the product is not a string of individual screens, but one experience to tie them all together.


Screen (UI Design)

Screens are instruments of input and output that often work together with other screens to make one workflow. User-friendly controls, attraction through its visuals and clarity on a structural level are key to a high-level experience.


Functionality (Code)

Everything up to this point has given direction to what to code. That said, coding remains a specialist's job for people focusing on the technology. Our clients often have their own coders, but we can help to hire them if needed.

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