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Tailored UX training in-house

In a rapidly changing market we help UX professionals to grow with your organisation, as individuals and in teams. Wherever your organisation is on the digital maturity scale, we offer in-house training for UX designers and teams, tailored to their development and your business needs.

Our talent development experts work with team leaders to identify the professional development needs in your context. We then create customised training programmes that are run in-house for entire UX teams or individual UX designers. At the time that suits you best.

On request we can include other stakeholders in the training programme. For instance through joint workshops for design teams and product owners to improve understanding of the role of design thinking in digital product development.


Hans Kemp

Coach & Trainer

Tailored to
your needs

Our inhouse-trainings are ideal if you have a larger team of professionals who you would like to train in specific areas.

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We can help you to develop individual designers, teams or mixed stakeholder groups.



Our trainers come to your people at the times that suit them best.



We help you identify and meet specific development needs in your business context.

Our experts

Hans Kemp

Principal consultant & coach


Laura Chavarria

Keen Visual Design Lead


Jeroen Havinga

Keen UX Design Lead

The combination of theory and practice was awesome. We changed the way we do things thanks to this training."


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