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Expert help to create realistic UX solutions which add value for your patients, for healthcare professionals and for your organisation.

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How UX design can grow your business

Whatever your challenge, our UX design professionals and UX leads help you move ahead. From supporting a specific product implementation to putting new ideas into practice and strengthening design capacity in-house.

As we deliver on your requirements we'll challenge you along the way, triggering you to look beyond the issue at hand. To grow your business and keep customers, stakeholders and employees happy. 

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Need help to build your own design capabilities? Bring in a UX Design Lead from Keen Inside. They'll help you get started, make sure things are working, then move on.



Need help to turn new product ideas into reality? Use our tools and expertise to concentrate minds and create a prototype in one working week.

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Design organisation

Need help to apply UX Design with precision? Together we clarify which UX design roles to attach to specific project requirements. Building capacity step-by-step.

I didn't know where to start. Getting Keen to help really moved our company to the next level.''

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Stefan Layer

Managing Director