Case study

Sign language with Lotte and Max


Making sign language accessible and fun for children


The client

Renske Douwes Dekker, who set up "Signing with Lotte and Max" spotted a great opportunity to make sign language accessible for children using books, DVDs and other products. There was already a web store and signing was taught in a number of childcare facilities in the Netherlands. But what these solutions lacked was fun and interaction.



The challenge

How can we challenge our target group to practice sign language more often? Can we create something which responds to the target groups’ needs and is so much fun it doesn’t even feel like learning? I’d really like children to enjoy using sign language and have fun with it whether we are there or not. 


Our solution

For users we delivered a more intuitive dashboard that was clearer and more interactive. Over time we created various iterations of the platform: from roadmap to concept and design through to rollout to clients. The solutions  always took into account the technical aspects and ease-of-implementation for developers.





We acted as a single point of contact for the project manager, developers and all stakeholders.


Keen Health helped Renske take the first steps to solution by creating a number of concepts that addressed the following questions: where do you first come into contact with sign language? How do children learn? What makes access difficult? What are the characteristics of our target group? What motivates them? Understanding the user and getting a good picture of their needs is essential to creating a solution that brings value. We created this understanding using context- and empathy mapping exercises.

We then held brainstorming sessions in groups and individuals to generate new ideas. The idea was to stimulate people’s creativity and to give them space. In this phase every suggestion is valuable, everything is possible.

Keen Health then developed the most promising ideas into a number of concepts which we then tested with users. 



Activities and deliverables


  • Scoping
  • Ideation
  • Prototyping


  • Empathy map
  • Five concepts
  • Context map

Tools used in this project

Customer Journey-1
Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is crucial when working with customer processes.

UX Concept-2
UX Concept

Strong conceptual decisions to create one experience rather than isolated transactions.

UX Architecture-1
UX Architecture

Working with the company's design system to determine the visual style.

Style Determination
Style Determination

Working with the company's design system to determine the visual style.

UI Design-1
UI Design

Making actual screens as part of the digitized process.

User Testing
User Testing

Constant user testing to ensure the desired effect.

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