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What we mean

Adding new features to meet changing customer needs

When we add new features the goal is to enrich a product so that current and future users can get more out of it. Often it involves a series of iterations to add features that improve an existing plaftorm or flow as clients' needs change over time.

From roadmap to concept and design through to roll out to clients. We collaborate with  project managers, development teams and stakeholders to create solutions that work for their specific healthcare context.


From people through process to product

Service design

Product Mapping

UX design

UX Architecture

Style Determination

UI design

Screen Design

User Testing

More solutions


Do you want to make a succesful product more relevant or sustainable? While your project team adapts the architecture and updates the code, we take a fresh look at Service Design, UX Design and UI Design.

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Design update

Do you want more detailed insights into specific target groups without extensive changes to your product? A design update helps users get more value out of your product.

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