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We help software companies add UX capability to specific projects or build their own teams in-house. Whatever your requirements, we can apply UX design to level up your teams.

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Expert help to train and develop UX designers

Keen Software designers are experts in UX and we know the software industry inside out. 

In a competitive and fast-moving market, training and development are key to motivate and keep your people. Which is why we offer tailored training and coaching. For UX designers by UX designers. Combining the skills of our design teams with experienced trainers, we share our knowledge. To help your own UX designers grow their skills and build design capabilities in your business.

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Talent Development

Talent Development Programmes

Customised training programmes that are run in-house for entire UX teams or individual UX designers. Tailored to their development and your business needs. At the time that suits you best.


UX Academy

Training programmes designed with in-house UX professionals and UX leads in mind. Our expert trainers equip your UX staff with theory and practice to boost their skills and help them perform their roles more effectively.



In-house coaching to help individual designers grow in their current positions or develop to a new level. We also coach design teams to better embed design thinking and process in the team and in stakeholder relationships.

Keen really helped us develop our team. The quality of the output of our in-house designers has increased significantly."


UX design maturity as a choice for strategic growth

This article describes how to measure and  grow design maturity in your business. The goal? To keep on building the right products, not just building the products right.

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