Our way of working


User Centered Design

Users are our starting point. Everything revolves around users, who must be able to perform their tasks as well as possible with the digital products that we design. We like to know those users as well as possible; their goals, their needs, their preferences and the environment in which they use the digital products.

Our methods, which we have translated into our services, are therefore always based on those users. Both in the analysis phase and during the design process.


Value Driven Design

Methods ensure that projects are completed in a structured way and with an expected result. Our perspective is that these methods still fall short if (interim) results are judged on estimates or feelings.

By determining the value that the digital product must deliver to all those involved, it is possible to assess whether (interim) results are good or not. Values therefore play a role in all our projects. How we ensure that digital products are valuable to owners, customers and users is described in a series of articles. The first of these is An introduction to value driven design.

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