We do user experience design, going beyond usability and styling



User-friendliness and usability are the characteristics that arise from interaction design. Functional design and aesthetics are the key points of visual design. Both forms of design can be found in the core of Keen Design.

However, both forms of design can only become concrete when a clear concept has been devised, and that is where most of our design processes start.



A design process can be completed with the screen designs, but due to the importance of interaction and behaviour, we recommend converting a design into a prototype. With a prototype, stakeholders and users can "play" with the designed product to get the best possible picture of how the end result looks and works. With a prototype it is also much easier to show developers exactly what to build.


User Research

Keen Design uses user-centered design, and we therefore find it essential to involve end users in the creation of a product. This can only be done by doing user research.

The most effective way to get input from users is to do research within the context of use. This kind of research can take anthropological forms because most of the products we design have an effect on people's behaviour. User input can of course also be obtained through the more traditional ways of gathering information, such as interviews, focus groups, surveys, and so on.

Finally, during a design process, we also like to apply user tests (or usability tests) to get the final product as close as possible to the actual user. These can be standard tests, but also quick tests, for example within an agile process.


Service Design

Service design is a set of methods that focuses on a user's interactions with the organization from which he purchases a product or service. This can be a commercial product or a (government) service.

In the ideal situation, the user goes through a consistent experience in every step of his so-called 'customer journey'. That experience does not arise out of nowhere and you want to devise and implement it for all channels that the user comes into contact with. This can be a website or service portal, but also a service desk or social media.

It is important to design the channels, but if the underlying processes and systems do not allow this, the experience will still fall to pieces. The connection of the whole is therefore a precondition for the success of the whole.

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