Design to Accelerate


UX Design has never been more relevant to game development. Games are transforming into game platforms and multiple stakeholders are adding new non-games experiences around the core game to activate new audiences.

As experts in UX design, we help game developers create hassle-free immersive game experiences. The application of UX Design ensures user research is done before the game is developed and that it will be targeted for a specific audience. UX Design also helps to create metrics that make success measurable and projectable.

By incorporating UX design early, games developers can improve communication with stakeholders, keep production on track, add value for users and positively impact their ROI.


Our client

Stillalive Studios produces PC and console simulations and strategy games and is one of the largest game developers in Austria.


The challenge

Implementation of UX design in the development process of a game developer.


Our solution

Multi-level implementation approach starting with the formation of a taskforce of UX ninjas up to the integration into the development process.