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03. Product (UX Design)

UX Concept


The UX Concept is the foundation of every product. In this Concept, the most important themes are exposed (on average for these processes there are 4 to 5) that have an impact on the use of the product. Solution directions for these main themes are then worked out. These can be at a very abstract level or at a detailed level, but as a group they determine the core of the product.

During this phase, users are also extensively involved to collect input, but also to test ideas. In this way we make use of the knowledge and experience of the user group.

  • Chart conceptual problems with solutions.
  • Lead design
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Client stakeholders

A project team of stakeholders is available during all sessions.

Prior to this building block user research was done, which resulted in a set of Most Important Themes (biggest design challenges). In that building block, there should also be a requirement session, if that wasn’t done before.

Client effort
  • Attending Most Important Themes session
  • Attending Story Board sessions
  • Attending Concept Design sessions
Skills involved
  • Determine Epics
  • Facilitate a feedback session
  • Facilitate Most Important Themes session
  • Make a conceptual design
  • Make flows
  • Storyboard

Most Important Themes session

Discussing the starting points of the project with the project team.


1st iteration design

Designing story boards for the solution directions for the Most Important Themes (a maximum of 5). Preferably these are sent to the project team ahead of the session.


1st design session

Walkthrough of the designs with the project team. Decisions have to be made.


2nd iteration design

Feedback from the project team is processed and the next set of Most Important Themes are tackled.


2nd design session

The processed feedback from the previous session is discussed and remaining Most Important Themes are discussed.



The final document with all story boards is created and the detailed design is discussed.


An elaborate concept in which the most important hot topics have a place. These solution guidelines determine the further details of the design.

The form of the deliverable is a story board. The deliverable is NOT a detailed design, but will include fairly detailed designs of the most important screens of the product.

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