03. Product (UX Design)

Design Sprint

Design Sprint

The Design Sprint was created by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures. It has been popular, because many people mistook it for a way to do design quickly.

The Design Sprint is not meant to deliver a product design in 5 days. The Design Sprint is a way to tackle a problem, find high level solutions and create something concrete in order to test those solutions. And then actually test them with real users.

The result should inform investors, decision makers and a project team about what to expect when the product is taken on.

  • Determine expected success of a product
  • Facilitator
  • UX/UI designer
  • Client stakeholders
  • The first 2 days have to take place together. During these days all stakeholders are available. It is not possible to participate for part of that time.
  • During the last day all stakeholders are present.
  • The problem is not too small and the solution is still unknown.
  • There is a decider that can force important choices.
  • No new stakeholders are added during the sprint.
  • The client needs to be aware that the result is not an actual, complete design.
  • Test subjects are planned and confirmed for day 5 before the sprint starts.
Client effort
  • Briefing the facilitator.
  • Complete availability during days 1, 2 and 5.
  • Open to questions during days 3 and 4.
  • Recruiting 5 test subjects for the final day, where the solution is tested.
Skills involved
  • Facilitate a design sprint
  • Prototype
  • Apply ideation methods
  • Run user tests.


Briefing from the client, exploring the problem space (market, client etc.).


Day 1

Morning: Map.
Define the problem space in a Sprint goal and sprint questions.

Afternoon: Sketch.
Generating ideas.


Day 2

Morning: Decide
Selection of the idea that is the best fit with the sprint goal and answering the sprint questions.

Afternoon: Story boarding.


Day 3 and 4

  • Creating a clickable prototype based on the storyboard.
  • Collecting content for the prototype.
  • Preparing for the Friday user test.


Day 5

Running 5 user tests. The stakeholders observe the test. At the end of the day the test results are discussed.



After the Sprint a report is created to document the Sprint for the client.


  • A clickable prototype of an idea.
  • A slide deck with pictures of the process.
  • Report to the client.

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