UX Architecture-1
03. Product (UX Design)

UX Architecture

UX Architecture

The UX Concept goes to the heart of the product, tackling the crucial user experience challenges, resulting in solutions for these challenges.

Some of these challenges can be solved by architecture, but just as often by very conceptual or very detailed solutions.

In addition, the UX Concept also contains a creative translation of the problem statements. Architecture then gives further substance to this, turning the concept into a framework that can actually be built.

  • Translation of the concept to the actual product
  • Lead design
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Client stakeholders

A product owner is available to provide input and feedback. An IT architect is available to check UX Architecture solutions against technological capabilities.

The UX Architecture needs a UX Concept to translate. 

Client effort
  • Provide input that the Lead design needs, from anywhere in the client organisation
  • Review the UX Architecture
  • Organise capability checks with an IT architect
Skills involved
  • Create a sitemap
  • Determine templates
  • Create a navigational design
  • Create an information architecture
  • Facilitate card sorting

Information structure

Create an information architecture and sitemap and distill a list of page templates.



Design flows and refine the information structure and list of templates.


Navigation structure

Translate the information structure and the flows to a navigation structure.


  • Information architecture and sitemap
  • Flows
  • List of templates
  • Navigation structure

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