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03. Product (UX Design)

UX Concept


The UX Concept is the foundation of every product. This UX Concept is actually created during the 1 and 10 phases of this approach. During the 100 phase most of the work will be done by developers.

In this approach 1 represents an actual day. The 10 and 100 are meant to signify a relative number of days that show the amount of work that is done in each phase. 10 could in practice easily be 8 or 11. 100 could in practice easily be 90 or 200.

This approach is especially powerful for client teams that are strong functionally, but that are unable to decide on certain big challenges. The 1-10-100 approach uses our strengths of visualisation to help those teams make that next step.

Another reason why this approach works with certain teams is that they have the experience that they see actual design on day 1, even though it could be very different from the end product.

  • Chart conceptual problems with solutions.
  • Lead design
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Client stakeholders

A project team of stakeholders is available during all sessions.

Prior to this building block a briefing was given by the client to provide us with context of the project and their objectives.

The project should be run in no more than 3 weeks total, from day 1 forward. Delays are often caused by interview and session planning.

Client effort
  • Attending day 1 in the morning and at the end of the day.
  • Attending sessions during the process.
  • Accepting the UX Concept.
  • Organise stakeholders and users, including interview planning.
Skills involved
  • Determine Epics
  • Facilitate sessions
  • Create a conceptual design
  • Create flows
  • Storyboard
  • Wireframe
  • User interview skills
  • Stakeholder interview skills

Client briefing

The client briefs the Lead design and the project manager about the project and their objectives.


Day 1: Pressure Cooker

Morning: Getting familiar with the product and the requirements.

Afternoon: Create flows and sketch screens.

Day's end: Present and discuss the results.



Prepare interviews with stakeholders and users and do these interviews, concluding with a report.


Discuss interviews

Discuss the interviews in a session with the project team. The results of this discussion are needed for the UX Concept design.


Design UX Concept

Take the results from the pressure cooker, added with the results from the interviews and create the UX Concept.


Review the concept

Discuss the UX Concept with the project team.



Process the review from step 6 and finalise the UX Concept. Deliver.


An elaborate concept in which the most important hot topics have a place. These solution guidelines determine the further details of the design.

The form of the deliverable is a story board. The deliverable is NOT a detailed design, but will include fairly detailed designs of the most important screens of the product.

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