04. Screen (UI Design)

User Testing

Scrum User Testing

This building block is called Scrum User Testing, because it's a quick way of testing that fits a scrum approach to product development. The actual test can be performed outside of an actual development product as well.

The need for Scrum User Testing is mostly because it's extremely valuable to test early and often. In the early stages of a project, barring concept testing, there is not a lot of material available to do a formal user test. In addition, a Scrum User Test can be performed weekly or in every sprint, where a Formal User Test often requires too much planning and work to make this happen and useful.

Scrum User Testing can help the designer with relatively small design challenges. It can also help add arguments to discussions with stakeholders. Having a user's perspective can be very valuable to help persuade stakeholders to go a certain way.

  • Check if the designs and the product is still moving in the right direction.
  • Getting input for design challenges.
  • Getting user insights to help a team decide on a way to go.
  • UX/UI Designer
  • There is a design that can relatively easily be turned into clickable flows -or-
  • There are screens, no matter the level of fidelity, that can be discussed with a user.
Client effort
  • Is involved in determining the test goals.
  • Provide the test subjects.
  • Discuss the test outcomes.
Skills involved
  • Make test scripts
  • Prototype
  • Facilitate user testing
  • Make a low level test report


Prepare for the test by determining its goals with the client (often the product owner), determine the designs to be tested, write a short scenario and optionally prototype for the scenario.


The actual test

The actual test is run. For Scrum User Testing we usually test with 2 or 3 test subjects in 4 hours time, to fit in with the sprint planning.


Test report

A lean test report is made and discussed with the product owner or the team.


The deliverable of Scrum User Testing is a report, which is mostly a list. The list items are sorted by impact.

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