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Keen Design started life in the Netherlands in 2003 working in multiple sectors. Today we channel our experience in several dedicated business units. Delivering value through UX design to our clients and to users.

Our story

Experts in UX design

As the leading UX experts in several industries we have the knowledge and experience not only to help our clients develop succesful products and services, but also to foster the maturity of their organisations.

From a one-off redesign to a UX maturity review to coaching in-house teams. Our UX design experts work with clients to create digital solutions that are achievable, measurable and manageable. That take their products, business and people to the next level.

Mission & Values

Improving people’s lives by designing valuable digital products

Our mission is to improve people’s lives by designing valuable digital products and services. We aim to live our values at all times: acting with integrity, making personal connections, delivering value, being smarter, and focusing always on the client and the user.

Making real connections

Integrity means keeping our promises, being truthful, accountable and sustainable. Every team member seeks to make a real connection with the client to fully understand their requirements and their customers’ needs.

The question behind the question

We do that by seeing and understanding nuance, seeking the question behind the question, thinking multiple steps ahead - and back again. Our methods are smart, systematic, precise and personal, simplifying complexity but never dumbing down.

Our methodology
Value driven design

Value driven design

Put simply, design is the act of solving a problem, resulting in a product or service. To design the best solutions you need to have a keen knowledge of the problem. But most problems are not simple. They have multiple layers and aspects. A value driven design approach provides clarity and focus for product owners and designers to make sure that the part of the problem the designer solves brings value to all involved.

User-centered design

User-centered design

User Centred Design User centred design puts the user at the heart of everything. Which is why we need to know everything we can about these users: their aims, their needs, their preferences and their context when using digital products. We do this through analysis and research through to testing at different phases of the design process. Helping help our clients create digital products that are both relevant and helpful to their users.

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